5 Websites I Like

1. Dribble


Dribble is a website that is for people to look at other peoples design work. I could spend hours on this website admiring the wrok and the easy navigation through each page.

2. MyUKmailbox


This website focuses on the customer to make it simple and efficient to use. Thats a customers dream to be able to handle their business and forward them to where they need to be quickly.

3. Dropbox


Dropbox has a simple and one of the easiest interfaces to understand. The website just a very nice and natural feel to it.

4. Boosted Boards


The first thing you notice when going to this page is full of vibrant, bold, and big photos showing the product. I also like how the website is full of life and personality.

5. Frank and Oak


This website first comes across as very clean. It has big, bold, nice photography of the product. It uses nice typography to match its personality of its brand.